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Four publicity posters for Bloodline were released by Netflix. All of the posters feature Zach Robbins, playing the role of the younger version of lead character John Rayburn (played by Kyle Chandler). Bloodline was released on Netflix this last March and is available to it’s subscribers. If you haven’t watched Netflix’s new series Bloodline, check it out now!

Zach Robbins talks season 3 of 'Bloodline'

Click on the link below to watch Zach discuss the final season of Bloodline.

Zach , who plays Young John in the Netflix series Bloodline, talks bout his role and what's upcoming in the show's final season.


 Zach Robbins in Season 2  of Netflix's Bloodline.

Zach Robbins was interviewed by the Florida Today newspaper about his upcoming appearances in season 2

of Netflix’s hit series, Bloodline. The article includes a video where Zach talks about what to expect on the coming season.

In addition, Zach talks about his longer scenes in the upcoming season. You can read the whole article

and watch the video online at Florida Today’s website here:

Zachary Robbins Cast in Lead Role for Motion Comic Book

Zachary Robbins recently was cast in the lead role of Blue Juice Comic’s The Accelerators motion comic. Zach will play Spatz, a 16 year old time traveler from the 1990s. Spatz gets involved with two time travelers from a 1960s experiment where the time travel devices can only go forward and never backwards. The Accelerators is a nationally distributed comic book and Blue Juice Comics has partnered with MT Comics to create a series of motion comics based on their books. In addition to Blue Juice Comics, MT Comics has also partnered with several other comic book publishers including Marvel and DC. You can see a preview of their motion comics on YouTube.


Zach Robbins featured in the Florida Today

Zach Robbins was featured in an article in the Florida Today for his role on Bloodline. The article details who Zach Robbins plays in the Netflix show and how he splits his time between Florida’s east coast and Los Angeles. Check out the article by clicking on the link below.

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